The Need: A Critical Point in History

Our climate is in crisis. We’ve learned that what begins as small changes in the earth’s temperature can contribute to wholesale disruption of natural systems. The Arctic ice cap and Antarctic ice sheets are melting much faster than expected, at rates 30 years ahead of predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Unless we act decisively, climactic disruptions threaten to drastically alter our way of life.

The American people are ready to take bold action. Several events have converged to put climate change at the forefront of public debate. The Katrina disaster, Vice President Gore’s award-winning film and Nobel Peace Prize, erratic weather patterns, and almost weekly scientific reports on global warming have created unprecedented awareness of the climate crisis.

Amidst this stark reality, we are also facing an economic crisis. For years, despite technological advances, we have overlooked our aging infrastructure. It’s time to invest in the sustainable energy solutions that are available right now. By shifting our resources toward green buildings, mass transit systems, smart growth programs, and clean energy technologies, we can generate economic growth, jobs, and prosperity. By contrast, clinging to the fossil fuel economy will hasten our decline as a competitive nation, leaving us hostage to volatile market conditions and continued economic decline.

Despite the growing demand for change, cohesive leadership in support of bold solutions is missing. The size and scope of the climate change movement is a tremendous source of power. Young people and students are now mobilizing at historic levels. Leaders from the anti-poverty and economic development sectors are recognizing the tremendous opportunities for green jobs. Faith leaders are transcending traditional political divisions and calling for action to save Creation from catastrophic climate change. Business leaders are calling for federal policy that will set a price on carbon. And countless other individuals across the country are aware of the problem and willing to act. But in our movement’s vastness and diversity lies its greatest weakness: the lack of unified strength behind specific solutions.

This is why an entirely new campaign is needed. A campaign that is founded on a principle of nationwide inclusion, embracing both traditional and non-traditional allies. A campaign that is designed entirely and exclusively to address this critical moment in history. A campaign with the sole purpose of uniting, building and catalyzing the climate change movement behind a set of solutions that will rapidly reduce carbon emissions while jumpstarting a green energy economy. 1Sky is that campaign.

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