Strengthen & Pass the Clean Energy Bill: Take Action Today!

The American Clean Energy and Security Act -- the Waxman-Markey bill, HR 2454 -- represents a critical opportunity to deliver on President Obama’s vision for a clean energy economy. With the bill coming up for a vote on the House floor by the end of this week, Congress needs to hear from you!

Fax or call your representative toll-free now and urge them to oppose any moves to weaken this bill, support all efforts to strengthen it, and to vote to pass H.R. 2454 so it can be made even stronger in the Senate and beyond.

If you call, ask to speak to a legislative assistant in charge of energy policy and talk to them about the bill using the calling script on the next screen.

After your call or fax, remember to use our tell-a-friend page to spread the word about this important vote.

Thank you taking action!

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