Archive - Apr 13, 2010


Time for Dirty Coal to answer some tough questions


On Wednesday at 9:30 AM, representatives of Big Dirty Coal will be answering some long-overdue questions from members of Congress about "The Role of Coal in a New Energy Age." Chief Executive Officers from the two largest American coal companies will be testifying before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

As we all know, coal is the dirtiest and most destructive of all fossil fuels. It is dirty when it comes out of the ground at coal mines in places like Appalachia and the Western U.S., and it is dirty when it is burned in coal-fired power plants all over the country. The coal industry is responsible for about 36% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions and 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. There is no question that we must end the burning of coal to stand a chance of preventing runaway climate change. That's why getting off coal and investing in the clean energy economy is one of the three fundamental pillars of 1Sky's policy platform.

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