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From military security to climate security


From military security to climate security

post from 1Sky fellow Carolynn Johnson

1Sky works across the country to mobilize people to stand up for stronger, bolder solutions to climate change. A new report from Foreign Policy in Focus called “The Budget Compared: Military vs. Climate Security” highlights the huge disparity between military and climate change spending in the US. For example, the 2008 budget proposes $648 billion for military security and only $7 billion for climate change initiatives. Although this is no surprise — we are at war with Iraq — the report re-emphasizes how our priorities do not reflect the recommendations of scientists, the international community, and regular citizens for climate solutions. 

Study after study shows that climate change poses a serious threat to American national security. Changes in precipitation, sea levels, and storm intensity will add tension to stable regions of the world. Just think about the legal and political fights Georgia, Alabama and Florida had after record droughts this summer. For the most volatile regions in the world, climate change will act as a dangerous multiplier. An intense drought in the Middle East is just one potentially catastrophic example. Climate change and national security are related sets of global challenges. 

The government’s military spending should be used as an example of how much we have and can spend. We can create actual climate solutions with the same level of investment, mobilization and energy as we use for war. With the 1Sky platform we can change our financial priorities from short-term military battles towards long-term national security and climate change protection. Join our e-list now to get regular calls to action!

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