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1Sky district action hits all 50 states!


1Sky district action hits all 50 states!

After weeks of hard work and reaching out to amazing grassroots activists all over the country, the time has finally come!  The March Congressional recess is upon us, and 1Sky supporters all over the country will be visiting their elected officials in their district offices over the next two weeks to send a strong message supporting bold federal action on global warming.

As a member of 1Sky’s outreach team, it has been incredibly rewarding for me to watch this action grow.  What began as a simple call to action has now become a national movement, with over 500 committed volunteers in all 50 states and over 240 Congressional districts! 

The fact that this is 1Sky’s first national grassroots mobilization makes the response even more striking.  Many members of Congress will be receiving their first introduction to the 1Sky Solutions, thanks to the efforts of folks like Roger Shamel of the Global Warming Education Network in Massachusetts.  Roger’s story:

Yesterday I attended a Town Hall meeting on global warming with Congressman Ed Markey in Weston. In general he gave a good presentation, and I thought of you guys when he mentioned that ‘we only have one sky’ in his remarks!  I spoke briefly with both Markey and several of his staff about our platform and the need to do more, also giving them some of our new, green ‘Energy Revolution Now’ stickers to take along.

Representative Markey has already shown great leadership on global warming, and it’s time for the rest of Congress to join him as climate champions.  1Sky’s district office visits will turn up the heat on elected officials, and we’ll be keeping the pressure on throughout the spring to ensure that every Representative and Senator hears from their constituents about the 1Sky Solutions.  If you haven’t yet signed up for a district visit, it’s not too late — you can get registered here.  Stay tuned for more information about future 1Sky calls to action!

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