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Wondering what you can do to save the world? (Answer below)


Wondering what you can do to save the world? (Answer below)

50 simple things

In a book released today called 50 Simple Things, John Javna and his co-author children Sophie and Jesse Javna, have answered that question. Spurred by his daughter’s request to revamp a 1980s bestseller 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth, John Javna focused this second book on the 50 top groups and campaigns working in the environmental field, making change happened. Much as the first book impacted all our lives by inspiring us to take action, we know this second incarnation of 50 Simple Things will be incredibly useful for bringing new folks into this movement.

Interviewing organizations across the country, they stumbled into some very interesting groups. From the Center for the New American Dream to Green for All, 1Sky allies appear all throughout the book. We couldn’t be prouder to help coordinate the movement that is bringing strong action on global warming to America!

1Sky is featured prominently in the book with a chapter on solving the global warming crisis. Find out who the other leaders are by going to or better yet, buy a book for your family!

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