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Climate Change Reflections on the Pope’s Visit to the US


Climate Change Reflections on the Pope’s Visit to the US


QUIZ: Who said the following?

“Indeed, the challenge of climate change is at once individual, local, national and global. Accordingly, it urges a multilevel coordinated response, with mitigation and adaptation programs simultaneously individual, local, national and global in their vision and scope.”

a) Stephen Johnson, Head of the EPA
b) Gillian Caldwell, Executive Director of 1Sky
c) Arnold Schwarzenegger
d) United Nation representative for the Pope
e) Van Jones, Green for All

The answer is D. Although the title of this post would give you a clue, this quote is from Monsignor Celestino Migliore, the UN representative for the Pope.

Many of us watched the other week as Pope Benedict made high profile stops at the White House and Ground Zero to preach forgiveness and peace. However, it might be surprising to hear that more and more the Vatican is also speaking out about environmental destruction and climate change. The Church might have been quiet about this issue in the past because many viewed protecting the environment as a concern for wealthy, developed nations. However, recent reports prove that climate change will negatively impact the poor and people in impoverished nations much more than anyone else. And that is a large concern for the Pope.

In response, they’ve stepped up their own actions. Last year Vatican City announced its plans to be the first country in the world to go carbon neutral.

The Vatican has installed over 1,000 solar panels and is investing in a reforestation project in Hungary to offset their emissions. The church additionally calls on its constituents to make personal lifestyle changes to address climate change in line with their traditional teachings of sacrifice, moderation, promoting common good and helping the poor.

Sounds good to me.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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