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No Impact Man needs your help!


No Impact Man needs your help!

Colin Beavan & daughter

Our friend Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, is working on an ambitious lobbying effort to get something done about climate change on Capitol Hill—but to get it done, he needs your help!

Colin will be meeting this Friday, May 30th, with Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)--who happens to be Colin’s congressman--to discuss climate change. Following up on his visit to Nadler's district office in March as part of a 1Sky call to action, Colin has some pretty specific goals in mind to discuss with the congressman:

More specifically, I intend to ask him to:

  • Introduce, as soon as possible, a non-binding resolution to the House of Representatives asserting that we need a climate change mitigation policy that accords not with what is politically possible but what is scientifically necessary--a goal of no more than 350 ppm of atmospheric carbon dioxide (read why here). Furthermore, this resolution should assert that the United States must collaborate with the international community to achieve an effective successor to the Kyoto Protocol that will achieve the 350 goal or better (depending on how the science progresses).
  • Pledge to support the policy platform that also includes creating five million green jobs (through, for example, weatherizing our buildings and manufacturing solar panels and windmills) and placing a moratorium on the building of new coal power plants.
  • Push for the introduction of new and the strengthening of currently pending climate change legislation to reflect the crucial 350 goal. This means, at the very least, aiming for an 80% reduction in climate emissions below 1990 levels by 2050 and a 25% reduction by 2020.

To get his point across to Mr. Nadler and Speaker Pelosi, No Impact Man has come up with an equally ambitious email campaign:

Now then, here's how I was hoping you could help. My dream is to present Representative Nadler and Speaker Pelosi with between 350 and 3,500 (10 x 350) emails of support for these policy objectives.

We have no doubt that Colin can accomplish all this, but to do it he needs your help: Visit the No Impact Man blog and follow Colin’s instructions for sending his letter to Mr. Nadler and Speaker Pelosi. There are even prizes involved--but you'll have to click on the link to find out what they are. Also, if you’re a blogger, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if you linked to Colin’s post and/or blogged about it.

We're glad to see that last March's call to action is starting to bear fruit in Colin’s efforts with Mr. Nadler. This isan excellent example of what can be accomplished when activists take the proverbial ball and run with it. All the best to you, Colin—you rock!

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