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Sorry Big Oil, Americans Want Climate Action. Really.


Sorry Big Oil, Americans Want Climate Action. Really.

Americans would love to do something about climate change but they are simply not willing to pay higher electricity bills. Right? … Right? Well that’s what many politicians would have us believe as they justify their continued inaction. Turns out it just isn’t true.

According to new numbers collected by Yes Magazine, 79% of Americans favor mandatory controls on greenhouse gas emissions. And it gets even better: 76% of Americans believe that a major effort is needed to replace oil with alternative fuels and 75% would pay more for clean electricity. Yes, you read that right. Nearly eight in ten Americans support mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and most would be willing to pay more for clean electricity. Sounds like popular support for a filibuster-proof majority to me. These statistics pretty much blow the “conventional wisdom” of Washington politics out of the water.

Simply put, Americans want action on climate change. They want higher auto fuel efficiency standards (supported by 90% of Americans), they want more funding for mass transit (supported by 72%), and they understand that the transition from an economy driven by dirty fossil fuels to a clean energy economy may mean higher electricity prices over the short term. The time is now for politicians to stop using the American people as an excuse for their inaction on climate change. The facts are in, and people are ready to do what it takes to stop climate change. Our politicians must follow their lead.

On September 27, Americans will gather across the country to tell our government that the era of fossil fuels is over and they are ready for a new clean energy economy. They know that the transition to a clean energy will create millions of new green jobs and rejuvenate our flagging economy. Join Green for All, 1Sky, the We Campaign, dozens of national and local partners and hundreds of Americans as we organize and attend events across the country supporting the green economy of the future. Click here to sign up!

There has never been a better (and more important time) to show our government that you care about stopping climate change.
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