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A reprieve for Coal River Mountain


A reprieve for Coal River Mountain

Some good news from West Virginia regarding Coal River Mountain:

Massey Energy has not yet begun blasting apart a Raleigh County mountain that environmental groups hope to preserve for a wind-power project, state officials said Wednesday.

Department of Environmental Protection officials said that any blasting at Massey's Bee Tree Surface Mine would not be allowed until the company obtains the rest of the required permit approvals. DEP inspectors visited the site Wednesday to confirm that blasting did not start, as environmental groups had feared that it might.

Grassroots opposition to Massey's plan has been impressive. We hear from our friends at Coal River Wind that West Va.'s governor has received nearly 2,500 emails and hundreds of calls since Tuesday morning. This is only a temporary reprieve though, not a permanent solution. If you haven't already, visit Coal River Wind's website and learn what you can do to save Coal River Mountain.

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