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November 18: Climate Leadership Now!


November 18: Climate Leadership Now!


We're only 11 days way from the most important election we've seen in generations. But no matter who our next president is or what the next Congress looks like after Election Day, we'll have to keep pushing our leaders for real solutions to the energy crisis and climate change.

That's why on Tuesday, November 18, volunteers will gather all over the country -- with help from 1Sky, the Energy Action Coalition and -- to welcome the President-elect and the new Congress by calling on them to make climate an immediate priority in 2009. Volunteers will also ask the President-elect to go to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in PoznaƄ, Poland, in December, to re-engage the international community and show the world the he is ready to be a leader on climate. Sign up today to join them!

It's a simple but powerful action: On November 18, you'll "welcome" your representatives to the new Congress by visiting their local offices with a strong demand that they make climate change a top priority in Washington. As part of the welcome, you'll deliver a large greeting card representing the thousands of people in your state who voted on climate.

You don't have to make an appointment with the office, and you can bring along as many people as you like. After you sign up, we'll send you everything you need for the welcome, including a tool kit and the card itself to make your visit a success.

November 18 is less than a month away -- sign up today! After you sign up, make sure you're ready to vote.

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