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Van Jones' "The Green Economy" hits the NYT Best Seller List!


Van Jones' "The Green Economy" hits the NYT Best Seller List!


On behalf of our allies at Green for All, we’d like to extend a hearty thank you to 1Sky supporters for propelling Van Jones’ new book, The Green Collar Economy, to the New York Times Best Seller List! Thanks to you, Van has become the first African-American to write an environmental best seller.

After only one week in print, the book skyrocketed to number 12. Van Jones and the Green for All team attribute their success to the online buzz and networking surrounding the book: Although there isn’t a big budget for publicity and promotion, the team reached out to allies, friends, bloggers, and activists.

Thanks to the support of activists like you, the book sold 5,000 copies in its first week. About half of the sales occurred in one day, Friday, October 10, after an online push.

The Green Collar Economy shows how the transition to a green economy can create millions of jobs, and help people of all classes and colors share equally in the benefits of the new system. Van will donate part of the book’s proceeds to Green for All, the organization he founded to provide green collar jobs for members of disadvantaged communities.

The book has already attracted some big-name endorsers, such as Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi, but Van says he is most proud that so many grassroots activists worked so hard to put the book over the top.

To order a copy, or to learn more about The Green Collar Economy, visit here.

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