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Weekly roundup 2/11/11: (Dirty Energy)Love is in the air (VIDEO)

We had an action packed week. The Koch brothers are buying dirty policy; the gust of support for wind power is sweeping the nation; 1.5 million green jobs are headed our way and you still have time to visit Greenpeace's matchmaking site before Valentine's Day.

A blizzard can't stop Coloradans from organizing to defend the Clean Air Act

Boulder House Party
A little snow and record low temperatures aren’t enough to keep Coloradans from coming together in homes, churches, and cafes across the state to build 1Sky action teams and plan rallies to defend the Clean Air Act. We aren’t just going to sit around and talk about it; we are going to get to work.

Climate Ride: how to grow a movement on two wheels

Climate Ride Alex - 200px
The greatest thing about being a part of a growing movement is the opportunity to work with very cool and very creative people. Chief among them for me are the organizers and participants of Climate Ride. It started in 2008 and will add 300 miles to the tires this May.