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Climate Precinct Captains take action in April


Climate Precinct Captains take action in April


Ada Aroneanu, our Climate Precinct Captain organizer extraordinaire, provides an update on CPCs ramping up efforts in their communities.  – Garth

1Sky’s Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) hit the ground running this month with a flurry of actions during the congressional recess. We asked our captains to take an active role in meeting with their Congressional leaders through town halls, scheduling in-district lobby visits, and dropping off information packets with legislators. They taken to the charge and we couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

  • Our CPCs will take part in town halls in locations ranging from the Bay Area to rural Georgia to the middle of the rustbelt in Bloomington, IN, and down to Texas, and over to Providence Rhode Island. The Climate Precinct Captains organizing these town halls vary from university students to employees of the solar energy industry to state government employees.
  • CPCs have scheduled lobby visits everywhere from Montclair, NJ to Evansville, IN, to Phoenix, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT and beyond.
  • Practically every Climate Precinct Captains we talk to is ready for action this recess.  Even people who have limited time are signing up in the hundreds to drop off materials at the offices of their members.

We’ve always said our CPCs play a critical role in building one of the strongest and fastest-growing grassroots movements in history, and they’re showing their true colors already. This is great news as we get prepare to push on passing bold, comprehensive clean energy legislation this year.  You’ll soon hear from our Climate Precinct Captains on our blog as they share their stories of how they are organizing and building the movement.

Are ready to join the Climate Precinct Captains? Sign up today to become a Climate Precinct Captain and organize your neighborhood -- or join an existing network near you.

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