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1Sky is Relieved By House Victory on Energy Bill; Ready to Work For More


1Sky is Relieved By House Victory on Energy Bill; Ready to Work For More


1Sky is relieved by the House of Representative’s passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454). 1Sky’s Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell said: "Thousands of activists across the country made a difference improving the bill and in securing this vote...

"We fought hard for and were pleased by the strengthening amendments that Chairman Waxman secured, which authorizes but does not confirm, more than $30 billion in additional funds and loans to ensure increased efficiency, investments in renewable energy, and research and development in regions with undiscovered renewable energy potential.

People from all walks of life worked to strengthen this clean energy bill. 1Sky activists sent more than 18,000 faxes to Members of Congress in 390 districts to convince them to strengthen and support the clean energy bill. And 1Sky enthusiasts logged 1,600 phone calls to their Members of Congress to make sure they heard from constituents who care about a clean energy future. Over 900 1Sky members in 49 states and the District of Columbia signed up to visit their Congressional district offices on June 19 and urge them to strengthen and support the energy bill. And 570 climate activists sent letters-to-the-editor urging support of bold climate change legislation.

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