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Clean energy bill vote in the House this week


Clean energy bill vote in the House this week


According to what we are hearing from Hill sources and confirmed in several newspaper stories -- including this one from Roll Call -- we expect that there is likely to be a vote on the clean energy bill this week.

According to Roll Call, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman said:

There are some issues still under discussion, but we are confident we can resolve them by the time the bill goes to the floor on Friday.

The details of the deal are still being hammered out, but if you would like to skim through the draft of the bill, here it is. We've set up a page to help you take action on this important vote.

Plus, I wanted to make sure the word got out on Media Matters’ efforts to set the record straight on some of the ads with big fat lies in them from the dirty oil and coal camp. Here is a link to Media Matters Action Network’s fact check on a recent ad by the American Petroleum Institute.

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