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Stronger RES provision possible in clean energy bill


Stronger RES provision possible in clean energy bill

By now you probably know that we expect a vote on the clean energy bill this Friday. It looks like there is progress on at least one (and possibly more) provisions to strengthen the bill.

We’ve heard that Reps. Dina Titus (NV-3), Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8), and Martin Heinrich (NM-1) will offer an amendment that will extend the limit to 20 years for acquisition of electricity generated from a renewable energy resource for the federal government. The Titus/Giffords/Heinrich provision would require allocation of $4 billion- $2 billion for the score of extension of power purchase agreements, and $2 billion for the procurement of further renewables and efficiency. Additionally, the amendment establishes a renewable energy standard for federal agencies that is consistent with the RES that is established for utility companies in the underlying bill. This means more energy savings!

Here's the full text of the amendment in PDF format.

We will be working to help pass the Titus/Giffords/Heinrich amendment, and the American Clean Energy and Security Act. We’ve also heard that President Barack Obama is working the House energy bill, trying to win votes for passage Hawaii style, he is having a luau for the lawmakers and the announced plans are that he will be lobbying members to pass the energy bill.

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