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My adventures as a Climate Precinct Captain


My adventures as a Climate Precinct Captain


From guest blogger Danny Berchenko, a Climate Precinct Captain in Hyattsville, Maryland.

I just had an amazing weekend working with 1Sky as a Climate Precinct Captain (CPC). With other CPCs from Maryland, I took to the streets to send a message to our Senator, Ben Cardin, an Environment and Public Works Committee member. We urged him to become a champion for a strong clean energy bill. After attending the 1Sky Leadership Summit, we learned from Cardin’s office that the Senator is receiving twice as many letters from the opposition as they are from us, so we decided to hit the streets and amass letters of our own.

Coordinated by Maryland Field Organizer Keith Harrington, four teams of CPCs and volunteers spread throughout Montgomery and Prince George’s County to find supporters willing to write letters to the Senator about strengthening the clean energy bill. Our goal was to collect 250 letters to deliver to the Senator this week. I teamed up with fellow CPC Susan Stewart, and Joanna and Laura Calabrese from University of Maryland Students for Clean Energy. We set up tables at a few local farmer's markets, went to a local art fair, and hit up a populated fountain in the middle of a town center. Armed with talking points, notepads, pens, clipboards with the 1Sky pledge sign-up, and our smiles, we engaged our community in taking action on climate change.

It was a spectacular experience. I met so many like-minded folks from my community who were thankful that we were doing something to push forward a clean energy future. Farmers from the markets were eager to write letters, artists from the art fair voiced their support, and a performer at the art fair even wrote a letter to the Senator after her performance.

At the market, the Mayor of Greenbelt thanked us for our work and said that the City of Greenbelt would be delivering a letter to the Senator urging him to lead on the issue. We also met the Senator’s cousin, who said that he would personally deliver our message to the Senator.

It was a successful and fulfilling weekend. Our team collected more than 50 letters, and handed out many 1Sky call-in leaflets with the Senator’s office number. Dozens of folks signed up to join the 1Sky campaign so they can stay involved. Susan is currently out collecting more letters, and as soon as I’m finished I’ll be going to join her. From the efforts of the four teams that went out this weekend and those that are out right now, it is likely that we will hit our goal. Thursday morning, we’re going to deliver the 250 letters to Senator Cardin as he makes his way over to the Committee hearing on the bill, and I can’t wait.

I love being a 1Sky Climate Precinct Captain!

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