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Organizing Tip #1: The Laws of Recruitment


Organizing Tip #1: The Laws of Recruitment


Hi. I'm Kimberly, 1Sky's Field and Online Organizer. I work with our supporters and Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) to help organize local events for the clean energy bill. You've probably seen that 1Sky supporters all over the country are holding "Back to DC" actions next week (8/31-9/4). Well, I'm here to make sure that you have the skills so that this and all your future events are top-notch! That's why I've decided to start this Organizing Tip of the Week blog, starting with the Laws of Recruitment.

There are four key Laws of Recruitment:

  • Telling your story
  • Keeping your story simple
  • Hearing their story
  • Making the ask

So, let's start with telling your story. What does that mean, exactly? Well, I can tell you it doesn't start off with the hospital where you were born. You want to start out with why you personally care about pushing for a clean energy bill. Think back to that moment where you went from caring about the environment to actually doing something. So for example, my co-worker, Garth, found inspiration while seeing and feeling the air quality around NYC in 2005 and knowing that global warming exists, so he joined the Step it Up Campaign.

Now that you've thought about what your story is and have written it down (here's hoping!), you want to make sure that it's simple. Garth's story could have involved how he got people to attend his local Step it Up event and the amount of pollution in NYC compared to other cities, but it didn't. Why? Because it's not necessary. You want to paint an image, not a Monet.

It's pretty natural for people to want to tell their story after you've told yours, so let them. This is where you'll listen for what makes them care, what they like to do, and what will make them want to come to your action.

We can all engage in storytelling (i.e. the fun part of recruiting) all day long, but it's nothing if you don't actually ask folks to do something. So, ask, do it confidently, and connect their story with your action. Here's an example using what we learned from Garth's story: "Can you come to our Back to DC action at Senator Cardin's office on Monday at 12pm to stop global warming?" ...It's that simple!

Have any additional principles? Have suggestions for future tips/trainings? Let me know by commenting below.

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