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Bike rides and rallies for 350 in Boulder, CO


Bike rides and rallies for 350 in Boulder, CO

Dog at Boulder 350

Why is that dog smiling? He's smiling because of the thousands of actions that took place across the world this past Saturday as part of the International Day of Climate Action. These events were coordinated by 1Sky ally, but organized on the ground by 350 as well as other groups and thousands of individuals taking a stand in creative ways.

1Sky supporters were there for many of these actions, and we're happy to keep seeing them send in stories and images from Saturday's events. One such event happened in Boulder, Colorado.

The action started with a “Power Past Coal Bike Ride” where cyclists rode to a nearby coal plant and held a brief demonstration before heading back to Boulder's City Hall for a larger rally. Speakers at the rally included Congressman Jared Polis, Joellen Raderstorf from Mothers Acting Up, and world-famous climber Lynn Hill.

1Sky organizer Micah Hill explained the rally's purpose well, saying that:

We are calling for bold action from local, state and federal leaders – to transition away from dirty coal to clean renewable sources of power, to pass a strong clean energy bill this fall, and to fully engage in the upcoming International Climate Talks.

Check out the highlight video below and pictures of the event from Greenpeace here.

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