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Blog Action Day is coming... so what to write about?


Blog Action Day is coming... so what to write about?

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We already covered what Blog Action Day is. It's a day where the blogosphere comes together to speak out about one cause--in this case, climate change. Now what? On Thursday we'll sit down to our respective computers, open our browsers to our blogs, open up a new post, and then write about... what exactly?

The thought of writing about a BIG concept like climate change may seem daunting, but there are actually lots of smaller pieces of the fight for climate action that you could write about. For example:

Explore all sides of climate change - As you can see, 1Sky's ally organizations are from all walks of life. There are religious groups, youth and student groups, business organizations, mom groups, and local city and town-focused organizations to name a few. Clearly stopping the climate crisis is not just about legislation and emissions regulation.

  • Are you active in your church? How is climate change a moral issue? What does action, or inaction, reflect on how we live our lives as people of faith?
  • Do you have children? What will the world be like for your kids and grandkids depending on what we do in the next year?
  • Do you own a small business? How can a new clean energy economy help your business? How will your supply chain be effected if we do nothing?

The Senate Bill - The Senate's climate bill, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, was released just a week and half ago giving us a specific point of focus for our efforts. Go ahead and read 1Sky's short summary here (PDF) then answer questions for yourself like:

350 Day of Action - October 24 is a day when groups and individuals are engaging in coordinated actions to take a stand for a safe climate future. Check out the 350 website then write about questions like:

  • What actions are happening nearby that you could participate in?
  • What does failing to reach the 350 ppm goal mean?

These are just a few of the questions that you can answer in your posts on Blog Action Day, October 15. You could also focus on the science of what's happening to the earth, a story of someone you know who's done something great to help, or even a fictional story about a world where we have, or haven't, done what's needed. Check out this post on the Blog Action Day site, and the comments on it, with more ideas for all kinds of blogs.

It's up to you. What will I be writing about? You'll just have to check back on Thursday to find out!

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