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Blog Action Day Organizing Tip #3: The Power of a Slogan


Blog Action Day Organizing Tip #3: The Power of a Slogan


Hello folks! You've probably heard that the fight is on for the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009 in the Senate, and that there are good provisions in this bill that need to be defended. Having this bill in the Senate is an all hands on deck moment where we'll continue to ask for phone calls, petitions, actions, etc.

In addition to taking actions, we also have to reach the masses and one of the best ways to do that is with the power of a slogan. That's why 1Sky has launched the 1Climate, 1Tweet campaign where you can have an impact in 140 characters or less. The whole premise of this Twitter campaign is to have a message that can be re-tweeted (RT) over and over throughout the campaign as a rally cry.

Obviously, this is not a simple task. That's why we've made it a contest. But here are three key principles in coming up with a good slogan:

  • Make it Catchy: You want folks to remember your slogan.
  • Make it Strategic: You want the slogan to reflect our #CEJAPA messaging.
  • Make it Succinct: The more concise your slogan is, the more likely it will be on point.

Now that we've given you a leg up on the 1Climate1Tweet contest, it's time for you to enter. Good luck!

- 1Sky Field and Online Organizer Kimberly Fountain

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