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Time to stop talking and start acting


Time to stop talking and start acting


I know that many of us are mainly focused on climate action (almost to the point of obsession). But you would have to be living under a rock to avoid realizing that right now a large number of citizens, media, and politicians are entirely focused on health care reform. Personally, I think that is an important issue; in fact I worked on it back in 1992 and early 1993. But right now the climate movement has a lesson to learn from the recent developments on health care reform.

A month ago the Powers That Be declared the “public option” dead. In response, grassroots groups across the country said “Oh heck no it isn’t!” They organized up a storm. They did not let the public option die. They fought back until Senator Reid announced that there would be a public option in the Senate bill.

If we are going to succeed in creating the required action in the U.S. and globally we need to take this lesson to heart. The media, political pundits, politicians, and sometimes even other groups will declare critical climate and energy policy pieces dead in the water. As a movement it will be critical that we rise up and declare “Heck no! Climate action isn’t dead!” We will have to organize like it is the fight of our lives because that is exactly what it is: the fight of our lives! At that moment we will all have to take rapid action and we will have to recruit hundreds of thousands of people who have never before taken action on climate.

Last weekend we showed the world how many people around the world will fight to solve the climate crisis. organized over 5,000 events globally calling for action on climate. Over 2,000 of the events were here in the U.S. Here at 1Sky we understand how important it is to mobilize right now. That is why we organized events across the country as part of the largest international day of action on climate ever.

I spoke at the greater-D.C. event. As I was going on stage I asked my seven-year-old son (Mika) to join me. Mika told the crowd that it was time to stop talking and start acting to solve climate change. He is right.

Last weekend was a huge step in our fight on climate change. We will need to keep organizing at that vast scope and scale to win the fight of our lives. When the powers that be declare climate action dead in the water, remember that is our cue to say “Heck no! It isn’t dead!” and fight harder than we ever have.

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