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Copenhagen Day 12: We are not done yet!


Copenhagen Day 12: We are not done yet!


This will be my last blog from Copenhagen. I fly out at 7am tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my family after a very long and intense two weeks.

Everyone around me who is locked out of the negotiations and watching the speeches continuing inside the Bella Center seems exhausted, tense, frustrated, and depressed. Many faces -- including my own -- are tear-stained.

We are together, but sadly there appeared to be no “we” prevailing in the negotiations. Rumors have it that there will be a heads of state declaration today (negotiations are continuing behind closed doors) but that we won’t see final text of an agreement before tomorrow -- and that it won't be the fair, ambitious and binding deal millions of people around the world have called for.

Many negotiators are staying until Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile, Venezuela, Bolivia and many other developing countries are reportedly frustrated due to the “heavy-handed” approach of industrialized countries like the United States. President Obama is staying longer than anticipated. Things are very tense.

Here’s a feel for the day in video:

David Turnbell from the Climate Action Network International, on behalf of environmental groups worldwide:

Juan Carlos Soriano from Peru representing global youth:

And from U.S. youth, looking ahead and trying to decide what’s next, here's Anthony Baratta, a student at DePauw University in Indiana:

Rhiya Trivedi, former 1Sky policy intern and currently attending Middlebury College in Vermont:

And protesters holding world leaders accountable for "climate shame:"

I’ll be back with more as the details of the agreement emerge but this much is clear: we are NOT DONE YET.

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