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Blog & news round-up 1/15: More info on the "Dirty Air Act", green jobs get a jumpstart, and more


Blog & news round-up 1/15: More info on the "Dirty Air Act", green jobs get a jumpstart, and more


This week's action in the climate community has been centered around doing everything we can to stop an appropriations bill amendment that would greatly damage the Clean Air Act's ability to regulate carbon emissions. More information came out regarding the coal and oil lobbyist who worked on the amendment and others involved.

Maybe we should, as they say, start at the beginning. What is the Murkowski Amendment (or, as some are calling it, the "Dirty Air Act"? Our allies at Consequence posted a clear explanation of what the amendment is and what it does. Check it out for background on this latest climate battle.

It was also revealed this week in the Washington Post blog, Post Carbon, that lobbyists who represent big coal and oil corporations actually helped write the Murkowski amendment. Unfortunately, this is a classic example of how fossil fuel energy interests are actively working against America's progress toward a clean energy economy. DeSmog Blog has more analysis on this, including the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Alaska senator has received from these industries in the past several years.

The Post Carbon blog had more on the meeting Tuesday, revealing that your favorite climate denier and mine, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), had his people in the room and that the polluter lobbyists "dominated the opening of the meeting." As Nick at It's Getting Hot In Here said, it's time to pick up the phone. Use our toll-free call tool to make your big impact nice and simple.

Infographic of the week: Creative bloggers and artists are not the only names in the infographic game. This week the White House blog wrote about their plans to award $2.3 billion in clean energy jobs tax credits. In the post they include a map clearly showing where these tax credits are going and the industries that are being awarded (e.g., smart grid, geothermal, solar, biomass). While not as flashy as some infographics, it does clearly show where the government is using stimulus money to create green jobs now.

The video this week comes from the BBC by way of Climate Progress. Britain has been getting a great deal of snow and freezing temperatures in the last month like many parts of the United States. As we discussed last week, this cold weather is just that: cold weather, and not "global cooling." The BBC explains this well, including showing us a global map showing how this recent cold snap is limited to just a few (albeit large) parts of the globe. We're not able to embed the video in this post, so go here or click the image below to watch this very informative video.

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