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Blog & news round-up 1/29: Obama pledges fed emission reductions, the solid science of climate, and Justin Long drops trou


Blog & news round-up 1/29: Obama pledges fed emission reductions, the solid science of climate, and Justin Long drops trou


Politically, this week was all about President Obama's first State of the Union speech Wednesday. The blogosphere is too big to be limited to just that though, so keep reading for the round-up on the federal government for efficiency, DiCaprio & Friends for climate, and Dr. Seuss… for coal?

One thing that the Obama administration has done a decent job of in the last year is leading by example. Though not perfectly, they've done this with initiatives for cost-savings, transparency, and eating locally. This morning the White House announced another such initiative to lead the country into being more energy efficient. President Obama has pledged to reduce the federal government's greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2020. This will decrease both carbon emissions and energy bills – between $8-11 billion by their estimate. As he notes, the federal government is the nation's largest energy consumer, so will have a big impact. Now if only the president would push for an equally strong target for the climate bill…

No matter what disinformation is thrown around by opponents of our clean energy future, one thing we will always have on our side is good, peer-reviewed science. As noted in a post this week on Skeptical Science, "if the IPCC's mistaken prediction [about the Himalayan glaciers] taught us anything, it's that we should always source our information from peer reviewed scientific literature rather than media articles." To that point, they provide a great list of climate-related articles on topics such as glacier melt, deforestation, the economic effects of global warming, and more.

If there's one thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it just might be our shared love for the books of Dr. Seuss. As this post on Daily Kos describes, the good "doctor" was quite the environmentalist. Unfortunately, it seems the cherished conservation story The Lorax is being used by a company that is looking to use coal for fertilizer. While not as dirty as burning it, the removal process is still very destructive, so make up your own mind just how "green" this use of coal is.

This week 1Sky's ally, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), pulled out all the stops with this video featuring great green celebrities including Justin Long, Leonardo DiCaprio, Felicity Huffman, and Ed Norton, all calling for us to urge our senators to pass clean energy legislation now.

In case you didn't watch the State of the Union Wednesday, give a look to this two minute clip from the beginning of the speech. The president is talking about American job creation and, notably, the phrase "clean energy" appears just :30 seconds in. President Obama goes on to discuss how more green jobs can be created through energy efficiency and high speed rail as well.

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