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Obama announces 20th century energy thinking


Obama announces 20th century energy thinking

Oil rig - CC attributed to Divulgação Petrobras

President Obama announced this morning that he is lifting the ban on drilling for oil along much of the United States' coastlines. The moratorium on drilling in these areas, including along the Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and parts of Alaska, stood for over twenty years. Needless to say, expanded exploration for dirty fossil fuels is very dissapointing and leaves American thinking back in the 20th century.

While little more than symbolic as far as addressing American energy issues, this move emboldens dirty energy interests and puts coastal environments and state tourism at risk. The administration's move also does nothing to help in the fight against runaway climate change.

1Sky's Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell noted:

A truly bold and visionary step forward on energy policy from President Obama would unleash the power of renewable energies like wind, solar and geothermal to transform our economy, create millions of clean energy jobs, fight climate change, and transition us away from the dirty fuels of the past like oil and coal. President Obama's announcement today will do none of that, and, ironically, may jeopardize as much support as it gains in the fight to pass climate and energy reform through the Senate this spring.

Read our full press release for the complete response to this announcement. 1Sky will continue to fight to put the United States on a path to a clean energy future with sustainable, green jobs that won't disappear with the last of our dirty energy reserves.

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