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NYPIRG brings a "Storm" to Long Island's Peter King


NYPIRG brings a "Storm" to Long Island's Peter King


By Lauren Schuster, 1Sky organizer at NYPIRG. -- Luis

Last Friday, students and local activists from NYPIRG chapters at Nassau Community College and Stony Brook University took Congressman Peter King's (R, NY-03) office by storm. Fifteen students and an handful of staff members gathered outside King’s Massapequa Park, Long Island office to demand that he protect the Clean Air Act and support clean energy legislation. King, one of the only members of the NYS congressional delegation to vote against the House passed climate bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, has already signed onto any of the "Dirty Air Acts" in the House, and local activists want to make sure he knows that they won't let the issue drop. (See pics from the event below or on Flickr.)

As the students chanted and waved homemade banners in support of clean energy and the Clean Air Act, curious local business owners came out to investigate. Students explained that they were outside King’s office because he didn’t support comprehensive climate and energy legislation and they feared that he would join other members to gut the Clean Air Act. Some business owners were surprised to learn about King’s anti-climate position, others thanked the students, and still others joined the chanting crowd.

With the chanting as a backdrop, a handful of constituents went inside to demand a meeting and drop off information about the Clean Air Act. As the constituents made their way to King’s office, they were greeted by a staff person who sat down with them. W hile no commitments were made, the staffer promised to put the constituents in touch with someone who could outline the Congressman’s position in detail. The chanting was audible from the second floor office and the constituents promised that they would be back in greater number if they were not able to follow up with someone in the office.

NYPIRG students and volunteers intend to keep the pressure on King’s office. The Clean Air Act is the most effective pollution reduction measure in the country’s history and any attack against it is an attack against the health and well being of New Yorkers and people everywhere.


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