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DC Hill Update 5/12/10 - Kerry and Lieberman expected to release climate bill today (UPDATED)


DC Hill Update 5/12/10 - Kerry and Lieberman expected to release climate bill today (UPDATED)

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Update:: Senators Kerry and Lieberman released their "American Power Act" earlier today. Read our reaction here. -- Luis

With the offshore oil drilling disaster still dominating the news, Senator Kerry (D-MA) and Senator Lieberman (I-CT) have decided to release their comprehensive climate and energy bill this week, without Senator Graham (R-SC). Meanwhile, 1Sky is joining forces with allies across the climate and energy community this weekend to tell Congress: "No More Drilling, Clean Energy Now!". 1Sky is also promoting Dirty Energy Hunts nationwide in the coming month: click here for a map of local dirty energy sources.

Kerry-Lieberman Climate and Energy Bill

The bill, originally scheduled for an April 26th release, is now set to be unveiled today. Senators Kerry and Lieberman remain optimistic about the bill's passage. Graham, though supportive of the bill's content, has said that passage has "become impossible" due to conflicts over drilling. Despite the ongoing drilling crisis in the Gulf, Senator Lieberman predicts that the final bill will still contain support for expanded drilling, and financial rewards for states that opt to drill off their shores.

Gulf Coast Drilling Disaster

Oil continues to gush out of the ocean floor at the site of BP's Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig at rates of thousands of gallons per day. The "dome" or "box" engineered to divert the leak is not working. The Obama Administration has reacted to the crisis by postponing all new drilling activities. This is especially pertinent to Virginia, where exploratory drilling and planning activities were expected to proceed in the coming months.

The drilling disaster is resulting in new stances from some politicians. In Virginia, Democratic members of Congress once firmly in favor of drilling are having second thoughts. In the Florida panhandle, Republican state reps are flipping their offshore drilling stances. Leaders from throughout the climate community are connecting the dots between this spill and the need to break our dependence on all dirty fossil fuels: Michael Brune, Sierra Club; Bill McKibben,

Home Star Bill Passes the House

Home Star passed the House last week and will invest $6 billion in energy efficiency rebates for home owners. The bill passed 246-141, with substantial Republican support. Home Star will significantly cut pollution, reduce demand for home heating oil, and protect consumers all at the same time, saving Americans $9.4 billion on their energy bills over the next decade.

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