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'Dirty Air Act' vote set for June 10th -- time to take action


'Dirty Air Act' vote set for June 10th -- time to take action


By 1Sky Policy Fellow Gabriel Elsner -- Luis

Senator Lisa Murkowski, working on behalf of oil companies, large utilities, and coal companies, will force a vote on the Dirty Air Act on June 10. If passed, the “disapproval resolution” would gut the Clean Air Act and stop the first meaningful regulations of greenhouse gasses from vehicles and big polluters, like coal plants. Initially, the Senator planned on forcing a vote this week, but grassroots pressure has pushed the vote until after Memorial Day recess.

Currently, the Dirty Air Act has 41 votes in the Senate. But with your help, we can stop Senator Murkowski and her fossil fuel cronies. So far this year, she raised more than $500,000 from the dirty energy interests to fund her reelection campaign.

Thanks to the hard work of activists across the country this spring, we stopped Senator Murkowski from bringing the Dirty Air Act to the floor. However, the Senate will vote in two weeks on protecting our health and our clean air or letting the dirty energy industry continue polluting our communities.

In other words, we only have 16 days to stop the dirty energy industry from crippling the Clean Air Act.

The next few weeks are critical for our clean energy future. The “disapproval resolution” would put public health at risk, jeopardize long-overdue action to hold the biggest polluters accountable, and stall our transition to a clean energy economy. (See this letter from the EPA Administrator (.pdf) under President Nixon and Ford.)

More importantly, this vote on the Dirty Air Act will set the stage for the broader fight to kick our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. With the cost of our dependence on oil visible in the Gulf, senators should be working on cleaning up these dirty industries, not bailing them out. Instead of protecting the fossil-fueled status quo, senators need to get to work protecting our clean air, and rebuilding our economy with clean renewable energy by passing strong climate and energy legislation that builds on the Clean Air Act instead of blocking it.

Take action by sending a message and making a phone call to save the Clean Air Act that has protected our health and our environment for 40 years and will lead us to a clean energy future.

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