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On Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination


On Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination


There was a lot riding on President Obama's second Supreme Court nomination. With a closely-divided court that recently issued the blatantly pro-corporation Citizens United v. FEC decision, Justice John Paul Stevens' replacement could have enormous influence over the future of the climate movement -- and not necessarily for the better.

In Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Obama seems to have found a nominee who understands the risks of according corporations the same rights of free speech that individual citizens enjoy. In fact, the President specifically mentioned the case when he announced her nomination:

"Despite long odds of success, with legal analysts believing the government was unlikely to prevail in this case, Elena still chose it as her very first case to argue before the court," Obama said. "I think that says a great deal not just abut Elena's tenacity but about her commitment to serving the American people. I think it says a great deal about her commitment to protecting our fundamental rights."

Certain corporations -- specifically the ones that cling to the dirty fossil fuels of the past and insist on holding us all back with them -- are perhaps the biggest obstacle we face to tackle climate change and build a clean energy economy. They are also the reason why 1Sky supports the Fair Elections Now Act, which would allow federal candidates to run for office without relying on large contributions, big money bundlers, or donations from lobbyists, and free them from the constant fundraising in order to focus on the needs of their communities. In this light, it's reassuring that President Obama has nominated to the high court someone willing to assert the people's right to check the influence of corporations in politics.

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