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Our reaction to the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill (UPDATED with bill analysis)


Our reaction to the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill (UPDATED with bill analysis)


Update: Our analysis of the American Power Act of 2010 (PDF, Updated 5/17/2010) is now online. -- Luis

Our campaign director Gillian Caldwell just issued a press statement about the release by Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman of their highly-anticipated American Power Act:

The American Power Act released by Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman today reflects their dedication to delivering critically needed climate and energy policy. With the true cost of our addiction to fossil fuel now appallingly visible in the Gulf of Mexico, it is absolutely critical that we put a price on carbon. Without a price, the clean energy economy will never get the boost it needs to demonstrate its ability to compete against dirty and dwindling fossil fuel resources.

However, Gillian expressed a number of concerns we have about the bill, including the need to strengthen provisions related to the Clean Air Act, energy efficiency, offshore drilling, state laws that curb carbon emissions, and investments in international action to tackle climate change. Finally, she issued a call to action for President Obama:

The truth of the matter is that -- with a few notable exceptions -- we do not have a Senate that is prepared to deliver the change our country desperately needs. Our elected representatives are too beholden to industrial interests and too cowed by the looming prospects of their midterm election battles. Now more than ever, we call on President Obama to exert fierce leadership to deliver a meaningful comprehensive climate and energy bill. He campaigned on a promise to deliver results for us and future generations, and we simply will not get where we need to go without his leadership.

Read the full statement here.

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