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Where movies and climate activism meet


Where movies and climate activism meet

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Last week, I sat with filmmakers at Working Film’s Reel Engagement seminar, described as “an interactive retreat powered by bold non-fiction filmmaking and strategic, on-the-ground organizing locally, globally and on the Web.” Working Films put together seven very powerful films that tell stories of our modern climate and environmental issues, from "clean coal" to mountaintop removal to natural gas extraction to international climate crises to the Cape Wind project. Visit Working Films’ website to watch some of these trailers -- really gripping pieces.

These brassy independent filmmakers want to stir the hearts and minds of climate organizers and concerned citizens, hoping they can turn empathy and outrage into action. They want to inspire people to join together and take the messages from these films out to their communities to create change. My questions to you, the reader, are these: how does film move you? Can you use these films as tools or resources to engage people in your neighborhood? How can you get people to share this story, whether it’s online, across the Web, through their local groups, churches and schools?

These filmmakers invited 1Sky,, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media to find out how organizers, activists, and every day people who want to push for a clean energy future will use these messages to take action. Watch these trailers and gauge your reactions: how did you feel while watching the movie? Did the trailer make you want to watch more of the movie? How do you want engage your communities once you watch these trailer or movies?

These filmmakers will be out and about over the next few months working with a number of nonprofits and media sites promoting their films. So, stay in touch with these films -- and with 1Sky -- as they become part of our collective climate story:

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