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They've failed -- and we must hold them accountable


They've failed -- and we must hold them accountable


I am furious and frustrated.

We're sweltering here in Washington DC -- living on a planet that just survived the hottest six months in recorded history -- and yet last week the Senate announced it plans to do absolutely nothing for the foreseeable future about our climate crisis.

Big Oil, Dirty Coal and their allies in Congress have succeeded once again in blocking bold climate action.  As a result, they will continue to reap record profits at the expense of our health, safety and economic security.

It's time to show Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, our senators and President Obama the full extent of our outrage at their failure to take on the greatest crisis of our time.

That's why 1Sky has launched an online campaign to hold our leaders accountable. We're asking you to send them a message with two simple points:

  • They've failed to do their job on climate -- and you won't take 'no' for an answer;
  • You'll hold them accountable for their lack of action.

This isn't about wonky policy details: it's about expressing our collective outrage at the Senate's failure to do anything about our devastating climate crisis and the Obama Administration's failure to push harder for a comprehensive climate bill. They need to know there will be consequences for them.

The Senate does plan to pass a bill next week in response to the BP oil spill, but make no mistake: this is not a climate bill. And it will not address the root cause of that tragedy: our addiction to dirty energy.

And we're not stopping with this message. Together, we will use the next month to urge our leaders to do something on climate change and clean energy. Keep an eye on your inbox this August for more actions during your senators' month-long recess back home. We must keep climate and clean energy on the radar to make an impact this fall. We'll also be launching actions to defend the Clean Air Act as the best tool we have right now to fight climate pollution.

Over the past five days since the Senate announcement, we've listened to your calls, poured over your emails, read your Facebook and Twitter comments, and spoken with our organizers and allies.  We feel more determined than ever to strengthen our efforts. Together, we will use the next month to urge our leaders to do something on climate change and clean energy.

For almost two years, we've been working to push for a bold comprehensive climate bill. It hasn't been an easy haul for the movement, but your stories, your actions, and your determination has been an inspiration to me and so many others. I'm constantly reminded that 1Sky supporters are among the most fervent, dedicated, and passionate out there. So this is not the time to give up -- it's time to keep fighting for a clean energy future for ourselves and our children.

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