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Weekly roundup 10/15/10: More pics and stories from 10/10/10 (VIDEO, PICS)


Weekly roundup 10/15/10: More pics and stories from 10/10/10 (VIDEO, PICS)


This week we're keeping the roundup tightly focused on the 10/10/10 Global Work Parties. Unfortunately the mainstream media largely decided to ignore the event. And can you blame them? Hundreds of thousands of people in 188 countries and all 50 states organized and attended more than 7,300 events in what amounted to the largest climate grassroots mobilization in history -- that's all. Really, how is that news?

Snarkasm aside, clearly it's up to us as a movement to tell this story. Which is why we've been collecting pics and stories of 10/10/10 events from our organizers and supporters all week -- and they've been pouring nonstop. You can enjoy the eye candy neatly compiled in this slideshow, but below are some stories and pics we wanted to highlight.

Veronica Butcher Shingleton in North Carolina sent us this delicious video and report:

1Sky NC focused around the Raleigh area (commonly known as the Triangle) at six sites: East Raleigh, South Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Wendell , and Louisburg. At each location folks gathered for a potluck lunch featuring local foods and then went to work side by side seeding, weeding, or harvesting at a local Community Garden or an Organic Farm. We picked this action because, in dealing with the climate crisis, we have to rethink the way we produce food on the planet -- moving away from industrial agriculture powered by fossil fuels, and towards small-scale, local, organic farming. Food is part of the problem but it is also part of the solution.

And here's a report that Lauren Shuster from New York sent about events in the city:

Here in NY, NYPIRG helped organize a series of events across the state. In NYC, we [NYPIRG] partnered with dozens of volunteers from StopOIL! NYC, NYU, Greenpeace, Oxfam Action Corps NYC, White Roof Project, White Roof Campaign, Manhattan Young Democrats and GetDirtyNYC, in collaboration with NYC°CoolRoofs, an official New York City initiative to get down and dirty painting roofs “solar” white. Over three days, volunteers cleaned, prepped and painted the roofs of the Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem and SCO Family of Services white. The special reflective paint will help keep energy costs down, enabling both to spend more money on the people that need it the most. Our volunteers loved the white roofing work party and will continue to paint until every roof in NYC is gleaming white!

Joy Futrell from Ohio sent us these pics from a 10/10/10 event in Columbus:

Acacia Williams from Michigan shared with us some pics from events in Dearborn and Beverly Hills:

In Beverly Hills, a group of about 15 volunteers led by 1Sky, and local watershed stewardship group Friends of the Rouge, cleared out buck thorn, a tenacious, non-native species which has taken hold in our state, as well as planted several native tree saplings on a small island in Riverside Park. In Dearborn, a group of about 45 attended a guided trail walk which covered topics such as native plants and their benefits in terms of capturing and sequestering carbon. Afterwards, we shared donuts and cider and children painted pumpkins purchased at the local farmer's market. This event was a success due to the hard work and collaborative efforts of folks from 1Sky, Cool Cities Dearborn (Sierra Club), Student Environmental Association, Fordson High School Environmental Club and Dearborn/Dearborn Heights League of Women Voters. We all walked away with a little more knowledge of the natural world, happy bellies and painted pumpkins.

Finally, here's a video from an events in South Florida. For some context, check out this blog from our friends at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy posted earlier today:

Got stories, pics and/or video from a 10/10/10 event to share? Send them to and please include the city, state and a short blurb about the event.

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