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National day of action wrap-up: Keeping America's climate promises (PHOTOS)


National day of action wrap-up: Keeping America's climate promises (PHOTOS)


Yesterday, 1Sky joined climate, faith, and social justice groups in mobilizing a national day of action to call on U.S. leadership at the U.N. climate talks in Cancun, Mexico. Gathering with ActionAid, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Jubilee USA and countless other partners, we Twitter-stormed, rocked phone lines and rallied at the White House for a full day to raise awareness about the need for a global climate fund. Last year's U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen resulted in a pledge from wealthy countries (including the U.S.) around the world to raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to help developing countries cope with the climate chaos that is wreaking havoc on their forests and endangering lives.

Though the conditions in D.C. couldn't have been farther from Cancun's mid-70s weather, we came out in strong numbers, carried posters, marched, cheered and made our voices heard.

Campaign Director Liz Butler kicked off the rally and opened the floor to some amazing speakers, including Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) who supported our efforts to press on for the pledge; Rabbi Warren Stone of Temple Emanuel, MD who shared his perspective on why a global climate fund is necessary for helping the world's poor; and Dr. Mahmud Farooque of the Bangladeshi Environmental Network, who painted a picture of the conditions in climate disasters the poorest nations face.

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Finally, in conjunction with World Aids Day, we ended with Paul Zeitz, of the Global AIDS Alliance, who took to the bullhorn to lend encouraging words on how our movements have grown. Zeitz reminded us why it's important that we campaign for government commitment during both World Aids Day and the U.N. Climate talks -- we are fighting to save lives.

The White House didn't just feel our presence on their doorstep, they heard it loud and clear in their ears. Our call-in campaign flooded the White House phone lines as supporters like you made hundreds of calls to tell President Obama to show his leadership in climate issues and secure the cornerstone in the global climate fund.

But they weren't safe away from the phone either. The lightning of our Twitter-storm was mighty -- organizations like Rainforest Action Network, TckTckTck, SACE and Wildlife Action joined in to tweet our calls to President Obama to live up to his climate pledge and the retweets came in waves. You joined in on Facebook my commenting and status updating in a demand for keeping the pledge in Cancun.

A big thanks to everyone who called in, status updated, tweeted, held up a sign and filled the air with voices!

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