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Weekly roundup 12/10/10: Sunset on COP16 (VIDEOS)


Weekly roundup 12/10/10: Sunset on COP16 (VIDEOS)

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The COP16 climate talks are coming to a close in Cancun, Mexico, and while we hoped countries could come together in solidarity in the face of climate disaster, (much like the Palestinian firefighters who recently came as some of the first respondents to an Israeli climate crisis) many nations - especially our own -- came up short.

But did you know roundup is synonymous with pump-up? Let's talk about what rocked this week:

National day of action all around the states

In addition to our White House rally to call for U.S. leadership in Cancun, we wanted to bring some attention to some of the other awesome events that were organized by 1Sky supporters all over the nation:


A fair climate fund was not made the priority we needed it to be at COP16, but our friends at Oxfam remind us that this climate action isn't off the table. Not all was lost, however. Through some persistent lobbying, gender equity was sealed into the text behind the fund.

Though the U.S. received the first place "fossil of the day" award for its obstruction at the climate talks , other countries weren't shy about gumming up the works either -- especially when it came to renewing the Kyoto Protocol as Japan, Russia and Canada have signaled their intention to opt out.

Youth activists won a major victory at the climate negotiations as they were able to push Article 6 of the Convention forward, ensuring and supporting education for sustainable development. This policy also guarantees equal access to boys and girls in these new programs.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention all the visually stunning displays from Cancun actions that came out of the conference. Take a look at some displays from and Greenpeace.

For more details straight from the source, check out our Cancun coverage from 1Sky organizers Adi and Ada.

Back in The U.S.A.

Representative Fred Upton of Michigan will be the next chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As Climate Progress put it, Upton enjoys a reputation as a "moderate," but he has become as extreme as the rest of his Tea Party colleagues on global warming and other environmental rules.

The Obama administration has further delayed new EPA environmental regulations for smog and toxic emissions from industrial boilers. The slow-down comes from an effort to conform to the incoming Republican opposition. We're stuck with, once again, policies set up by President George W. Bush.

Grants for renewable energy projects may be salvaged from the tax bill, but as Dave Roberts at Grist explains, it's not so much as a victory, but dodging a huge hit to the wind and solar industry -- something that doesn't get enough support as is. While we can hope the grants will be fruitful, they aren't laurels we can rest on.

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