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Families, climate protection and Brooklyn (VIDEO)


Families, climate protection and Brooklyn (VIDEO)


Every now and then, we here at 1Sky are invited to work together with a local climate group doing something extra special -- and we love invitations to get involved. Why do we like it? The truth is that facts and figures only get you so far in the world (and occasionally just hold you back); whereas stories not only inspire us to work harder, they also personalize the everyday battle for a safer planet.

It’s easy to get lost sometimes in talk of the nuts and bolts of climate science, when what is going to win this battle is personalizing it so folks on every side of the aisle can understand why this is so important.

Which is why the group Parents for Climate Protection (out of Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY) is so refreshing. They are parents who want a healthier world for their kids, and are willing to get down in the mud and work for it. This Sunday, they have put together a full day of activities in their 2nd Annual Climate Awareness Day where folks can not only talk about what’s wrong, but talk about how to fix it. This year, the group is using the event to spearhead a letter writing campaign supporting the Clean Air Act.

This Sunday, I will be driving all the way to Brooklyn to get in on the action and speak about how groups like Parents for Climate Protection are integral to both our mission and the climate movement as a whole.

As part of my trip, we have launched our brand new “kids for climate” video, which showcases the many young faces fighting against the climate crisis:

In the end, we may not have the money of multi-billion dollar polluters like Big Oil and dirty Coal, but we have the power of a grassroots movement and the stories to show that power. 

Are you in Brooklyn? Find event details here. I hope to see you there!

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