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Join a Climate Action Party near you!


Join a Climate Action Party near you!


We're two weeks into the new year and we think it's time to get some 2011 action started. This year is all about building a strong, widespread, and passionate climate movement that can beat polluter interests who want to use our sky as a dumping ground. That's why we're working with people like you to create local climate teams all over the country.

We figured the best way to start getting organized is to get together and have a party!

The idea is this:

  • Someone (like you!) hosts a gathering at their home or other local venue;
  • Friends, family, and nearby 1Sky supporters come to the event;
  • They'll watch a video message from 1Sky, talk about why they want to stop climate change, and discuss how they can make an impact in their community, county, and state.

By joining together to talk, strategize, and plan actions with 1Sky's help, you and your friends can be the seeds of a movement to take back our skies from polluter industries, boost clean energy in the United States, and create a better future for our kids and grandkids. All that from one party.

So what's the next step? Visit to find a party near you. If you're interested in helping host a gathering, email me at with "Climate House Party" in the subject. We have a guide and materials to get you going, so we'll make sure you're fully supported in this. Get started by visiting today!

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