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Senator Brown: Protect Ohio by protecting the Clean Air Act


Senator Brown: Protect Ohio by protecting the Clean Air Act


Senator Sherrod Brown (D- OH) has built a reputation of standing up for Ohioans and all Americans in the face of runaway corporate greed. But now, corporate polluters are pushing leaders like Senator Brown into gutting the Clean Air Act -- a political compromise that would cost lives and hamstring efforts to cut climate pollution nationwide.

New rules under the Clean Air Act (CAA) are cutting climate pollution and boosting the clean energy economy in Ohio and across the nation. The fit perfectly with President Obama's recent opinion essay in the Wall Street Journal advocating for "common sense rules" that are necessary to protect the public. But dirty energy interests like coal and oil are fighting back. They spent more than $1 million attack ads just in Ohio during the last election, and they're ready to spend even more lobbying the new Congress. They'll stop at nothing to roll back common-sense Clean Air Act safeguards that have protected American families for 40 years.

We're not surprised by the latest push from industry to gut the Clean Air Act, but progressives like Senator Brown shouldn't help big polluters gut the CAA when clean energy businesses are creating thousands of new jobs in Ohio.

In the past, the senator had been active in the fight for clean energy, climate legislation and job investment. As a result, Ohio is a top producer in the Midwest for solar panel manufacturing and wind turbines.

Even with those impressive stats, it sadly ranks second in the nation in deaths from coal plants pollution, which shortens the life of 1,221 people each year. Annually, Ohio coal plants result in 835 hospital admissions and 1,891 asthma attacks.

With the Clean Air Act's 40-year track record for saving lives and potential for job growth, it'd be a tragedy if Senator Brown helped put on the breaks on common-sense Clean Air Act rules. When people's lives and livelihoods are quite literally at stake, can Ohio really afford a delay on these rules? Can the nation?

Gutting the Clean Air Act will only thwart clean energy job growth and jeopardize the health of Ohioans and all Americans. If you're worried about corporate polluters pushing Senator Sherrod Brown into delaying the Clean Air Act, he needs to hear directly from you.

Join 1Sky in calling Senator Sherrod Brown and tell him that Ohio needs a leader who will fight for clean renewable energy and defend the Clean Air Act for the health and welfare of our families and our economy.

Additionally you can come to our Ohio Clean Air Rally in Columbus, OH today and join environmental leaders from throughout Ohio as we gather together to protect the Clean Air Act.

Ohio Clean Air Rally
January 24, 2011 12:30PM to 01:00PM

Columbus, OH
200 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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