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A blizzard can't stop Coloradans from organizing to defend the Clean Air Act


A blizzard can't stop Coloradans from organizing to defend the Clean Air Act

Boulder House Party

A little snow and record low temperatures aren’t enough to keep Coloradans from coming together in homes, churches, and cafes across the state to build 1Sky action teams and plan rallies to defend the Clean Air Act. We know that the snowfall and fluctuating temperatures are all part of the climate crisis, and that our children’s futures are threatened. But we aren’t just going to sit around and talk about it; we are going to get to work.

On January 29th, 19 Boulderites huddled in my living room, plates piled high with snacks, while local climate hawk, poet, and business consultant Chris Hoffman led the group in discussions about how and why we are organizing to protect the Clean Air Act and address the climate crisis. On the table: a rally to show our support for defending the clean air act, our goals for the coming year, and our motivations for action.

In addition to familiar faces from Boulder’s activist community, a number of new faces emerged including members of wonderful allied groups and neighborhood climate organizations. Everyone was excited to work together on our shared goals, so excited that we quickly planned a follow-up meeting to talk logistics for a rally later this month.

The following weekend, we met up again to plan a “Protect the Clean Air Act” rally on Feb. 26th. The location: a local Unitarian church, some of whose congregants include the “Green Sanctuary Team.” In two hours, our rally plan was developed. We already have 11 co-sponsoring groups, and an action plan to get even more on board in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile in Denver, even a blizzard couldn’t stop climate activists:

Denver Climate House Party

With snow billowing down an hour before the party, 20 people crammed into the living room of Mimsi and Tom Milton. Emma “Bee” from a national group called the “Beehive Collective” gave a powerful and artistic presentation on the True Costs of Coal, and Senator Michael Bennet’s Community Liaison Zane Kessler spoke about the attacks on the Clean Air Act in Congress and reiterated Sen. Bennet’s resolve to protect the Act. Folks were so motivated by the event, which kept them talking for upwards of three hours, that they also planned an action meeting to discuss a mirror rally in Denver.

Colorado is ready to get to work! We are happy to report that both of our Senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, remain committed to defending the Clean Air Act, and we plan to honor, applaud, and reinforce their positions at our rallies later this month. They are not standing alone; Coloradans stand united behind them.

Micah Parkin has served as the Colorado/Southwest Regional Organizer for 1Sky since August 2009, while concurrently serving on both the Clean Energy Technical Team for the City of Boulder and the planning team for Boulder's Clean Energy Future campaign. She formerly served as Program Director for the New Orleans-based Alliance for Affordable Energy and Energy Chair of the Sierra Club Delta Chapter. Micah is the mother of two young daughters who fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement.
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