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Climate Ride: how to grow a movement on two wheels


Climate Ride: how to grow a movement on two wheels

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The greatest thing about being a part of a growing movement is the opportunity to work with very cool and creative people. Chief among them for me are the organizers and participants of Climate Ride, which started in 2008 and will add 300 miles to the tires this May. The organizers are hard-core bicyclists and travel adventure leaders who are also passionate about addressing climate change. By putting those pieces together, Climate Ride was born.

When I first began working at 1Sky in September of 2009, one of my first assignments was a blog post about Climate Ride. I didn't know much about it except that 1Sky was involved and our policy coordinator was speaking one night. Being an active biker and climate advocate, I immediately liked the idea of a bike trip to support climate action.

A year later, I got to represent 1Sky on Climate Ride California 2010 and really found out what it’s all about. The ride was started in 2008 by two bike trip leaders based in Montana, Caeli and Geraldine. They had the crazy idea to organize a long-distance bike trip benefiting climate change related organizations. Folks from myriad walks of life rode some 300 miles together, listened to expert presentations in the evening, and hung out in the name of making the world a better place.

Long story short, it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I biked through redwood forests, along the Pacific coast, and over at least one mountain (that Californians will tell you is a "hill"). For all my experience mountain biking and doing a previous long distance trip, it was a level of bike adventure that I'd never seen before. On top of all that, I met people who are contributing to building up clean energy in ways I'd never heard of.

You may be wondering if this is just the blog post version of a boring slideshow- its’ not, for two reasons.

First, all my slides are over here.

Second, I want everyone who reads this to be a part of Climate Ride with us. Climate Ride NYC-DC 2011 is going down May 13-17 and registration is now open. Join me on Team 1Sky, and select 1Sky as your beneficiary. If you're unable to go, you can still help out by donating to our policy guy, Jason Kowalski, who is riding with me on behalf of 1Sky.

Either way, come May 13, you'll be getting all kinds of posts, tweets, and photos from us as we ride down the Mid-Atlantic with 100 of our newest, closest climate buddies.

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