The Skywriter steps up defense of climate science

Mar steps up defense of climate science


As Naima noted in last Friday's roundup, the percentage of Americans who believe climate change is real has dropped to the lowest point since 1998, from roughly two-thirds in 2008 to just 51% in 2010.This is no coincidence: From the so-called "Climategate" incident to the circus of last week's Upton-Inhofe Dirty Air Act hearings, big polluters and their allies in Congress have waged a concerted campaign to undermine climate science for years.

All of us who accept the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate have to fight back against this well-funded disinformation campaign. And now the philanthropic arm of one of the world's larges tech companies is doing just that:

Climate change skeptics who have created a political megaphone in Washington may finally meet their match in the world's largest search engine., the technology giant's philanthropic arm, has hand-picked a team of 21 fellows working in climate research to improve the way the science of global warming is communicated to the public and lawmakers through new media.

"We are seeing very clearly with climate change that our policy choices are currently not grounded in knowledge and understanding," said Paul Higgins, a Google fellow and an associate policy director for the American Meteorological Society.

Find out more about the program at's blog. More of this, please!

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