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Weekly roundup 3/4/11: 1Sky made it on Glenn Beck's Board! (VIDEO)


Weekly roundup 3/4/11: 1Sky made it on Glenn Beck's Board! (VIDEO)


Glenn Beck's Red Scare

This past Saturday's Rally to Save the American Dream was a resounding success. People all over the nation flooded statehouses to support our public workers and stand up against tax breaks for corporations and the very rich. Along with other proud sponsors of the event (350, AFL-CIO, SEIU, MoveOn and more), we garnered the attention of none other than Glenn Beck -- making it all the way to his infamous chalkboard.

Beck did his best to label anyone who sided with Wisconsin workers as communists; you can check out the full video below via Media Matters. His "McCarthy-like attitude," they point out, was only thwarted due to a shortage of hammer and sickle magnets. Something tells us that if 1Sky is lumped on a board with all those great groups, we must be doing something right. Thanks, Glenn!

As attempts to strip public workers of collective-bargaining rights continue in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere, it's our commitment to stand strong with the American workers who refuse to let corporate greed dictate their rights -- no matter whose chalkboard we end up on.

Libya and Oil

As the uprising against Muammar al-Gaddafi's rule in Libya continues, oil prices have soared. Disruption in oil output has knocked out half of Libya's 1.6 million barrels typically exported per day. The U.S. has been hesitant to get involved. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explains, there would need to be strong international support and no perception of "oil-grabbing" if we were to intervene. Soaring oil prices have no foreseen end, and competition with Europe to buy crude could set the market soaring further to all time highs. Spain has taken to lowering their speed limits as oil prices reach higher numbers, and many in the U.S. Congress have called on President Obama to open national strategic reserves of oil to bring down prices of gasoline.

Not Your Average Science Fair Project

When President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu talk about our Sputnik moment in renewable energy, we think of the big plans to build offshore wind farms and subsidize solar energy plants in cities around the U.S. This is the kind of job creation we can rally around -- and more importantly -- need. But what really makes our heart skip a beat here at 1Sky is the root of renewable energy progress: innovation. Watch the video below to see an inspiring report about high school students in Chicago recycling waste oil from area restaurants into fuel that can run any diesel engine.

What started as a science fair project at Whitney Young Magnet High School became a full scale bio-diesel laboratory. This really puts those baking soda volcanoes to shame. The student-made fuel can cut down on carbon emissions as much as 80% when compared against regular diesel fuel, and clocks in at about $1.50 a gallon. Intelligent students and dedicated teachers are building the foundation for our clean energy future.

Brown calls for cuts in clean air

Despite his past record of being a leader on environmental causes and Ohio business, Senator Sherrod Brown announced this week that he's urging President Obama to compromise on some greenhouse gas regulations in the Clean Air Act. Compromising with corporate polluters isn't the best way to put Ohio first. As we've mentioned before, Ohio ranks second in the nation in deaths from coal plant pollution, which shortens the life of 1,221 people each year. Annually, Ohio coal plants result in 835 hospital admissions and 1,891 asthma attacks. These are some deadly numbers to face in favor of corporate greed. Senator Brown has taken a firm stance on siding with workers by defending labor unions and their ability to collectively bargain. This is no time to compromise on those same worker's rights to health and safety in their own communities.

Spreading the Environmental Love

Love, as they say, is a two way street. This week EPA administrator Lisa Jackson showered some love on Fox News, whose parent-company announced they've reached their carbon neutral goal. All this follows commentary from numerous Fox News talent on the impending downfall climate regulations pose for our economy.

"I do believe that this is good for business, good for our future," Jackson said at a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on the agency's fiscal year 2012 budget request.

Meanwhile, Politico published a great article about the GOP's secret love for EPA policy. Despite the efforts to limit greenhouse gas regulation and stunt EPA authority, many programs have found favor with Republicans for cleaning up water and air in their districts. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), a top climate skeptic, spoke up when President Obama suggested budgeting some of these more favorable EPA projects, explaining "You can bet these cuts will be restored."

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