"The Storm" lands in Sen. Graham's office in South Carolina


By 1Sky South Carolina Organizer Tim Liszewski. -- Luis

Yesterday morning started bright and beautiful in Columbia, South Carolina. Skies were blue, no clouds, and the temperature was a mild 72 degrees.

Around 11 a.m., the Storm descended. It was an uncharacteristically focused storm -- focused on Senator Lindsey Graham's office. The effects of climate change had shown up on his doorstep. (See video and pics from the Storm below.)

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"The Storm" hits Senate offices in Arkansas


By Ryan Denham, 1Sky organizer in Arkansas. -- Luis

Last Friday, 1Sky Arkansas, allies, and supporters "stormed" Senator Blanche Lincoln and Senator Mark Pyror's Little Rock offices as part of a nationally coordinated series of events across the country. Arkansas groups like Sierra Club, the OMNI Center and The Village Commons helped promote this event and bring out volunteers. The storm symbolized the potential unchecked effects of climate change and why it is so important to protect the Clean Air Act. Dressed up in rainstorm attire, we stood in front of Senator Lincoln's Office holding signs, umbrellas and signs chanting "Clean Energy Now". (See video and pics from this event below.)

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"The Storm" begins in Missouri


By 1Sky organizer Ed Smith.

Yesterday I coordinated a community meeting at Senator McCaskill’s office as part of "The Storm": a month-long series of unannounced visits to congressional offices to protect the Clean Air Act. The meeting at Senator McCaskill’s office was attended by her Regional Director in the St. Louis office. In attendance was a diverse cross-section of our community: Veterans For Peace, Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, two retired educators, a green business owner, a local college student studying ecology and other environmental activists, along with 1Sky, Apollo Alliance and Repower America. (Check out the slideshow at the end of the post.)

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Guest blog: Sen. Levin answers my question on climate legislation


From 1Sky Michigan Climate Precinct Captain Mark Miller. You can read more from Mark on his blog.

During last week's President' Day Actions, a number of 1Sky coordinators, organizers, and volunteers met up with senators while they were back home in their states. The goal was to deliver our message loud and clear: Americans (and voters!) want strong federal legislation to curb carbon emission and transition to a clean renewable energy future now -- and we oppose Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) efforts to gut the Clean Air Act!

Senator Carl Levin spoke last Monday morning, President's Day, at the Kalamazoo Regional Chamber of Commerce's Legislative Connection event. I went primarily to ask him about his support for climate and energy legislation. I had written to him last year about this issue, and his written reply... well, I touch on that in my question to him.

As the Senator came in, I shook his hand, and reminded him that I had sat next to him one night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. So, when we came to question time, he called on me first. (The video does not capture my question or the first few words of Sen. Levin's answer.)

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Guest blog: Put the kids in charge of climate


-- Post written by New York City Climate Precinct Captain Emily A. Fano.

I’m tired of fat cat bureaucrats and politicians gambling away our survival. Aren’t you? Copenhagen was a let-down, despite an impressive and coordinated effort by the global climate action movement. The deals hammered out in the UN talks would let CO2 increase well above the 350 ppm -- the magic number to avoid catastrophe. Not good.

Emily A. Fano is a volunteer Climate Precinct Captain in New York State.
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Guest blog: A Colorado CPC's take on Copenhagen


By Colorado Climate Precinct Captain Amy Guinan.


The international unity and shared purpose in Copenhagen has inspired me profoundly. From my conversations, the marches and rallies in the streets, and the discussions and presentations at the People's Summit, I have seen that a powerful unifying theme is emerging in the climate discussion – and that is Climate Justice. The rallying cry is for, and from, the people who will most suffer from climate change -- not for business or economic safeguards, but for justice ("lesser" developed countries are not the ones primarily dumping carbon in the air, yet climate change will hit them the hardest). This is refreshingly different from what I expected in the climate discussion.

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350 Global Day of Action: A New Bright Line for Digital Organizing


Cross-posted from Huffington Post.

I didn't even notice my heart pounding until after turning the corner from W 44th street onto Broadway. Displayed on four giant screens -- the hallmark of Times Square -- were the very photos we had just been sorting through and tagging in a dingy, overcrowded campaign office downtown not even an hour earlier. And now they were flashing before thousands of people in Times Square, while Jay-Z's new Empire State of Mind blanketed us in what seemed like a real-life music video.

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Blog Action Day Organizing Tip #3: The Power of a Slogan


Hello folks! You've probably heard that the fight is on for the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009 in the Senate, and that there are good provisions in this bill that need to be defended. Having this bill in the Senate is an all hands on deck moment where we'll continue to ask for phone calls, petitions, actions, etc.

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Blog Action Day: CPCs on the front lines


Imagine you lived in a world where everyone you talked to on a day-to-day basis were some of the most passionate, intelligent, organized, and driven people you’ve ever met. Imagine they were all aligned behind bold principles for fighting the climate crisis. I’m pretty much one of the luckiest people I know. The challenge so many people I work with face is that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the activism we need to do to solve one of the most apocalyptic problems the globe has faced.

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Climate Action Parties rock!


There's nothing more heartwarming than a total show of movement unity and solidarity across the country with our Climate Action Parties.

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