Organizing tip #2: Making the most of phone banking


Time for another organizing tip! Yesterday, Senators Kerry and Boxer introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, and we have to make sure that calls keep pouring into Senate offices to promote bold action on climate.

I'm assuming that most of you have already made your own call to your senators, but we have to make sure that our friends and neighbors are making calls, too. And the way to do that is by making the most of your phone banking.

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Guest Blog: The First House Party

Rep Diane Russell

By State Rep. Diane Russell, 1Sky Maine coordinator -- Alex

The weight of the world sat on the shoulders of ten people last night. Hidden from the cameras, far from the controversy and devoid of the politics as usual, ten people wrestled with their role and their responsibility to change the paradigm of how we consume energy.

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Organizing Tip #1: The Laws of Recruitment


Hi. I'm Kimberly, 1Sky's Field and Online Organizer. I work with our supporters and Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) to help organize local events for the clean energy bill. You've probably seen that 1Sky supporters all over the country are holding "Back to DC" actions next week (8/31-9/4). Well, I'm here to make sure that you have the skills so that this and all your future events are top-notch! That's why I've decided to start this Organizing Tip of the Week blog, starting with the Laws of Recruitment.

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My adventures as a Climate Precinct Captain


From guest blogger Danny Berchenko, a Climate Precinct Captain in Hyattsville, Maryland.

I just had an amazing weekend working with 1Sky as a Climate Precinct Captain (CPC). With other CPCs from Maryland, I took to the streets to send a message to our Senator, Ben Cardin, an Environment and Public Works Committee member. We urged him to become a champion for a strong clean energy bill. After attending the 1Sky Leadership Summit, we learned from Cardin’s office that the Senator is receiving twice as many letters from the opposition as they are from us, so we decided to hit the streets and amass letters of our own.

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Guest blog: Peaceful Jeff's Leadership Summit experience


From guest blogger Jeff Cobb, a Climate Precinct Captain from Cincinnati, Ohio.

So, the 1Sky Team calls me "PeacefulJeff," because that's my email address, and I was at the Leadership Summit meeting this weekend. They asked me to describe some of my experiences, so here's my take on the summit:

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Guest Blog: A town hall in South Carolina

Jan Hammett SC-2.jpg

From guest blogger Jan Hammett, a Climate Precinct Captain in South Carolina.

Picture This:

On Monday, June 22, 2009 Representative Bob Inglis held a town hall Meeting at the Spartanburg Main Library. As a Climate Precinct Captain with 1Sky, and in light of the fact that this week the House would most likely be voting on the American Clean Energy and Security Act, I phoned several people and asked them to attend. It was good to see Amy Coker Pascoe and Jonathan Blanton show up in support of the Waxman-Markey bill.

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Climate Precinct Captains hit their marks in April


1Sky's Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) really stepped up to the plate during the April congressional recess. Throughout the country, we collectively organized nearly thirty town halls in collaboration with Focus the Nation and many other groups.

We would be nowhere without them. The 1Sky community produced more than 1,800 actions in April -- from drop-offs to lobby visits to large-scale events. They are an impressive movement and we feel their impact on a day-to-day basis as we begin pushing for a strong climate bill in Congress.

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Climate Precinct Captains in the New York Times


Climate Precinct Captains were extremely active in April, pressing decision makers -- both in person and on the phone -- to strengthen the big clean energy bill making its way through Congress. And now, the mainstream media is taking notice! From Climate Wire via the New York Times:

….green-jobs promoter 1Sky started a program in February called Climate Precinct Captains to get volunteers roaming the streets in search of like-minded activists. During marathon hearings in April about the House bill, more than 1,500 such captains and recruits flooded Congress with phone call after phone call.

"'We're leveling the money playing field,’ said Gillian Caldwell, campaign director for 1Sky."

Over 1,160 calls so far, actually. Not that we're counting or anything...

We don't have the millions of dollars that big polluters can spend in lobbyists and disinformation, but we have the power of a grassroots movement that's growing every day. Across the country, Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) are stepping up in their communities, playing a critical role in building one of the strongest and fastest-growing grassroots movements in history. With the MSM increasingly taking notice of this movement, it's the prefect time for you to get involved. Find out more by visiting the Climate Precinct Captains page today.

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Climate Precinct Captains take action in April


Ada Aroneanu, our Climate Precinct Captain organizer extraordinaire, provides an update on CPCs ramping up efforts in their communities.  – Garth

1Sky’s Climate Precinct Captains (CPCs) hit the ground running this month with a flurry of actions during the congressional recess. We asked our captains to take an active role in meeting with their Congressional leaders through town halls, scheduling in-district lobby visits, and dropping off information packets with legislators. They taken to the charge and we couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

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Become a Climate Precinct Captain today!


Today, hundreds of climate activists will be taking the next step forward in climate leadership by signing up as Climate Precinct Captains. Here at headquarters and in various states, our organizers are gearing up to work with these leaders across the country. Join hundreds of other committed climate advocates nationally as a Climate Precinct Captain today!

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