Policy Update 3/1/2011: Wisconsin and Climate

US Capitol small

Rallies sprung up nationwide this weekend in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin. Much of the opposition faced by unions is from the same polluter-funded front groups that have opposed climate legislation for years. The protests in Wisconsin have the opportunity to be a key turning point in the fight against corporate influence on our politics. The House and Senate will return to D.C. this week for further consideration of short-term spending bills.

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A fractured movement for action in Cancun (VIDEO)


As many non-profit folks have commented on at the talks, everything here comes in twos. Two official conference centers each with two buildings apiece, two unofficial civil society venues, and for better or for worse, today - two grassroots rallies for climate justice.

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Inside Cancun's Moon Palace (VIDEO)


Moon Palace, where the UN climate negotiations are taking place, looks just like what it sounds like: a sunny college campus meets Hilton Head golf club resort. Amidst somewhat bewildering lawn sculptures and manicured palm trees, high-level negotiators trek between palatial buildings with names like "Maya" and "Aztec." Not once but twice did I see the U.S. lead climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing, marked by his distinctive beard, shuffling between meetings, carrying his worn-down red canvass bag.

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Weekly roundup 12/3/10: Kick off to Cancun (VIDEO)


While we were all still trying to figure out how many dishes we could make with left-over turkey as the primary ingredient, the U.N. kicked off the COP16 climate conference in Cancun, Mexico.

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