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Will Obama Sell Out the Clean Air Act for a Deal With Congress?


I was going to devote this blog exclusively to the energy speech President Obama delivered at Georgetown University, but there are some disturbing reports in the press today that I need to address first.

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Weekly roundup 3/18/11: The World Watches Japan


The World Watches Japan

Following the 9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami, supplies have been running low in Japan. Food and gasoline shortages have left grocery store aisles bare and homes without heat. The death toll is sobering, with nearly 7,000 confirmed dead andmore than 10,000 people still missing.

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Why climate change is an essential part of our argument for clean energy

Climate Change Blackboard

The Obama administration seems to think "climate change" is too divisive to mention, but underwriting clean energy tech? That's bipartisan.

Surprisingly, conservative commentators didn't seem to buy it. Why? Government intervention, absent a large-scale emergency, goes against basic conservative philosophy. All they see is needless government intervention into energy technology, and they have a point. Absent climate change, where is the urgency?

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Missing from the State of the Union: The Clean Air Act


President Obama has been lavished with praise for his focus on competitiveness and clean energy in his State of the Union Address. In the midst of that praise, however, I must bring up some clear issues of concern.

First, the President has not actually made a concrete promise to protect the Clean Air Act from impending congressional attacks; he has only alluded to it.

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