Climategate steps up defense of climate science


As Naima noted in last Friday's roundup, the percentage of Americans who believe climate change is real has dropped to the lowest point since 1998, from roughly two-thirds in 2008 to just 51% in 2010.This is no coincidence: From the so-called "Climategate" incident to the circus of last week's Upton-Inhofe Dirty Air Act hearings, big polluters and th

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Weekly roundup 11/12/10: Coal, mad scientists and a moon bounce (VIDEO)


This week we're looking across the board from scientists to politicians to the EPA and how we spent our Veterans Day. But first, let's look at some developments in coal.

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How should scientists communicate about climate?


By 1Sky blogger Janelle Corn, Ph.D. See her bio at the end of this post. -- Luis

Alex Bea recently posted a review of a publication (.pdf) that will help us all communicate more effectively about climate change. This led me to consider how I, as an ecologist, might add to the discussion about effective communication.

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Weekly roundup 4/16: Climategate officially debunked and more


This week’s roundup features some big blows to the climate change deniers. The scientist involved in the "Climategate" incident have been cleared of wrongdoing by an independent panel of experts and the science has been found to be valid yet again. Also, a study recently found that members of the "Tea Party" movement know far less about climate change than the general public. Meanwhile, yesterday a group of protesters disrupted the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to show their displeasure with the coal industry's incessant attempts to undermine the valid science of global warming.

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Weekly Round-up 4/2: The good, the bad, and the hilarious


This week's round-up features climate news from across the spectrum. Politically, the Obama administration announced both good and bad news. Economically, it looks like clean energy holds great hope for our Irish friends as well. Scientifically, a finding was released regarding the scientists attacked by climate skeptic hackers last fall. And in the world of April Fools, the ultimate eco-hoaxters released a video of their greatest hits.

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