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Activists rally across 17 states to protect the Clean Air Act

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Just over a week ago, climate activists across 17 states campaigned with rallies, meetings, calls, and letters to demand that their elected officials protect the Clean Air Act. The message was clear: represent your constituents, not your corporate donors.

In states such as Colorado, the message was a 'thank you' to climate champions. In Michigan, however, hundreds of people loudly voiced their disappointment with Representative Fred Upton’s recent Dirty Air Act and choice to side with corporate polluters instead of his constituents.

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A blizzard can't stop Coloradans from organizing to defend the Clean Air Act

Boulder House Party

A little snow and record low temperatures aren’t enough to keep Coloradans from coming together in homes, churches, and cafes across the state to build 1Sky action teams and plan rallies to defend the Clean Air Act. We know that the snowfall and fluctuating temperatures are all part of the climate crisis, and that our children’s futures are threatened. But we aren’t just going to sit around and talk about it; we are going to get to work.

Micah Parkin has served as the Colorado/Southwest Regional Organizer for 1Sky since August 2009, while concurrently serving on both the Clean Energy Technical Team for the City of Boulder and the planning team for Boulder's Clean Energy Future campaign. She formerly served as Program Director for the New Orleans-based Alliance for Affordable Energy and Energy Chair of the Sierra Club Delta Chapter. Micah is the mother of two young daughters who fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement.
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Policy Update 11/10/2010: Election aftermath

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Last week's election will have major consequences for U.S. climate and energy policy. Republicans won a net victory of 60 seats in the House, 6 seats in the Senate, and at least 6 governorships. A number of climate champions lost tight races to candidates who deny climate science, but in California's Prop 23, the only race with global warming on the ballot, climate won by a decisive margin.

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Policy update 10/26/10: One more week

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Next Tuesday's midterm election has major implications for federal climate and energy policy. Many key races will be decide by narrow margins. Polling suggests that the Republicans will pick up seats in both houses, but that only the House of Representatives is likely to change hands. Election Day is next Tuesday, November 2nd.

Climate in the Elections

A number of tightly contested races involve incumbents who support climate legislation and challengers who are emphatically opposed to climate action, or publicly cast doubt on climate science:

  • Climate champion Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) is defending his clean energy record in a district that historically favors conservative candidates. Perriello urges voters to look past short-term payoffs to the big picture of economic growth;
  • Arizona long-shot House candidate Jon Hulburd (D) is leading with a clean energy jobs message and catching up in the polls in the conservative 3rd district just north of Phoenix;
  • Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias has been criticizing Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) for flip-flopping on his climate vote. Kirk supported the climate bill in the House, but then signed a pledge promising to oppose future climate legislation in order to win over an endorsement from Sarah Palin;
  • Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO) is using Ken Buck's (R) statements about the uncertainty of climate science to illustrate how far from the mainstream his opposition is.

In every Senate race but one, Republican challengers are self-identified climate science deniers (all except Rep. Kirk in IL). Brad Johnson at the Wonk Room has compiled a list of key climate House and Senate races to watch.

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Worth repeating: Senator Bennet will stand up for the Clean Air Act


Last week, more than 50 1Sky supporters 'stormed' Senator Michael Bennet's office in Denver, Colorado encouraging him to be more vocal in defense of the Clean Air Act. Following this event, a spokesperson for Senator Bennet told reporters that Bennet will "strongly oppose efforts to gut the Clean Air Act" in an article published in the New York Times this week. Said the spokesperson:

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Senate climate champ's office welcomes "The Storm" in Colorado


By 1Sky Colorado organizer Micah Parkin. -- Luis

On Wednesday, 1Sky, 10 allied organizations, and more than 50 activists politely “stormed” Senator Michael Bennet’s Denver office to urge him to fight back against congressional efforts to gut the Clean Air Act. Representatives of the groups stated their concerns and urged Senator Bennet to make a public commitment to fight to defend and uphold the Clean Air Act, delivering a poster-sized joint request letter signed by all of "The Storm" participants and group leaders.

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